Concentrated solar power technologies use different mirror configurations to concentrate the sun's light energy onto a receiver and convert it into heat or simply stating it is the process of using a highly reflective surface to concentrate a larger area of sunlight onto a small area. The heat is transferred through Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) either directly in a process or to make steam and generate electricity as part of a hybrid system or through a steam turbine in a stand alone system.

1 +
Reduction of LPG (Metric Ton)
1 +
Catering temperature(C)
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Saving Energy bills(Cr/pa)

Types of CSP Plants

Parabolic Trough Concentrators (PTC)

The sun’s energy is concentrated by parabolically curved trough shaped reflectors onto a receiver pipe running along the inside of the curved surface. This energy heats oil/water flowing through the pipe and the heat energy is then used for community cooking/  Processheat/ laundry/electricity generation.

Stirling Dish (SD)

Dish Stirling has a large reflective dish to concentrate the incoming solar radiation at the focal point of the reflector and uses a two-axes tracking system. It has the highest efficiency of all the solar technologies available and is very productive and versatile compared to any other CSP available. Storage vessel is available for heat delivery any time of the day or night.


Low Capital Cost

Rapid Field Assembly

High Efficiency

High Strength Mirrors

Low Maintenance

Proven Reliaibility