Project Development

SSC’s business segment designs, constructs, operates and sells SPV and CSP projects in India and is in the process of establishing trade relations with other Asian countries. We engage in the full life cycle of solar projects development including project selection, design, financing, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction,  monitoring, operation and maintenance. We sell completed solar projects to third-party buyers, operate them under PPAs or establish other contractual arrangements with utility or grid operators.

Ability to Finance Project

SSC has a wide range of strong, cooperative relationships with many global banks and investors and hence we offer a financial support model known as FBOET (Finance, Build, Operate, Earn and Transfer).


Focusing on quality and timely execution, SSC delivers customised solar PV solutions whether rooftop or ground mounted – at optimal cost within stipulated


SSC has a dedicated Solar O&M team, helping customers keep their assets productive. Operates and maintains all of its solar projects and offers a flexible annual maintenance contract.


SSC’s solar design team is proud to have a rich history of innovation and design. Our design team uses smart energy tools to create the most efficient projects possible.


SSC business model for solar projects, which is administered by an experienced project management team and bolstered by substantial quality processes.