Commercial Rooftop PV Solutions

Industries and other commercial entities are the machineries that fuels the economic growth and prosperity of our nation. Today more and more such enterprises are leading by example to create an energy-efficient future. We at Scintilla Solar Corporation help industries and other commercial entities achieve energy independence by installing solar power plants on their premises. These rooftop solar power plants are designed and engineered to achieve maximum efficiency and have a life span of more than 25 years. Hence, they essentially take off the burden of rising fuel costs and pivot industries towards growth.

Our team of experienced field and design engineers are quite capable of handling complex projects and have delivered results consistently, making SSC a reliable brand in the solar energy segment.

We also assist our clients in acquiring loans with attractive interest rates from various financial institutions to install solar rooftop solutions. The beauty of Solar PV technology is such that it requires a minimum amount of maintenance and gives a return on investment in a mere three to four year.