Operations & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is the most decisive way to ensure that the solar power plant provides the best possible generation.  At SSC, we have an immensely experienced Operations & Maintenance division, which takes preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants across the country. With a robust  Analysis and Remote Monitoring System we have been successful in maintaining an average plant up-time of more than 98.2%, till now. Our O&M team maintains solar power plants, offers monthly reporting on generation, provides financial overview of savings done and ensures the plant functions smoothly. This enables the solar power plant to produce the maximum amount of energy throughout its operational life, perfectly aligning the interests of clients and investors.

Our O&M portfolio:
Preventive maintenance

Advanced analytics and real time monitoring coupled with best practices are used to ensure that the equipment used at our solar plants is kept in the most excellent condition. Our approach is proactive and aims to fix failures before they even happen.

Planned Maintenance

Regular maintenance of solar equipment inevitably reduces the occurrence of errors and production loss. In combination with manufacturer recommended procedures and our planned maintenance schedules, we maximize equipment performance and mitigate downtime effectively.

Corrective Maintenance

As faults are detected, urgent care is given to repair, restore or replace the defective devices. This application of corrective maintenance not only solves the immediate problem but avoids a range of costly system failures. The O&M team undergoes repetitive training across equipments to ensure minimum downtime.

Safety at Site

At SSC, safety is a priority and hence ‘near misses’ are monitored closely to maximize employee and client safety.